AlpacaRMS Retail Register (B2C) Monthly Subscription

$50.00 / month

Products that will be added:

  • Set-Up Fee


This is the monthly subscription of AlpacaRMS for one retail register (one cashier at a time per license, unlimited administrators).   This allows AlpacaRMS to be run on one device as a retail point of sale perfect for food trucks, bars, and retail gift.  Multiple users may work on the back-end admin module.
A retail register is meant for counter sales only for B2C (Business to Consumer) sales.  It does not have invoicing, quotes, accounts receivables, or recurring billing.  If you need these functions, choose the B2B (Business to Business) AlpacaRMS Business Management System.

For hardware, we recommend either the Essential Android Hardware Bundle or the PC Sales Hardware Bundle.

Monthly subscription pricing is subject to change.  We recommend an annual subscription to save 20% and lock-in pricing for a year.  The monthly subscription also has a $50 non-refundable setup fee.

Alpaca RMS provides support for the life of the subscription with 4 hour turnaround Service Level Agreement available Monday thru Friday from 8am ET to 8pm ET.  Extended SLA is available, please inquire with Sales.

Note on Bitcoin/Lightning Processing – Taking Bitcoin payments is completely optional.  If you aren’t comfortable with Bitcoin, we can help with integration and education.  Bitcoiners want to spend their money with Bitcoin enabled businesses.  However, if you decide not to take Bitcoin, it can be easily disabled in the software.  The basic AlpacaRMS subscription uses third parties to process the Bitcoin transactions and provide Lightning liquidity.  These services may charge fees to both the store and the customer via the wallet used (however this is typically much less than the fees credit card processors charge).  The third parties that integrate with AlpacaRMS are BitPay, OpenNode, Zebedee and IBEXPay.

If you have an interest in having your own Bitcoin node process transactions, we can provide three solutions that use either BTCPayServer or LNBits as the connection to the Bitcoin network:

  1. Alpaca RMS provided hosting of Bitcoin/Lightning – subject to a monthly hosting fee.
  2. Dual System Office/Sales Bundle – a one-time purchase of a personal server and cashier machine dedicated to protection of your data and self-sovereignty/self-custody of your digital working life.
  3. Your own Bitcoin/Lightning node

Please contact sales for more detailed information if you have questions.

Setting Expectations: AlpacaRMS is a customized point of sale for your business.  We will send an on-boarding questionnaire to you via email so we can setup your system for you.  Software is ready in 3-5 days.  Hardware bundles and installs are typically ready for install in 3-5 weeks.

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