CardConnect/Cardpointe Credit Card Processing

Integrated Processing, Manual Processing, Card on File, and WooCommerce Payments

Please note, the WooCommerce plug-in is only supported on the forum at

CardConnect is an AlpacaRMS partner for integrated credit card processing. We use CardConnect for several integrations including:

  • Alpaca RMS Integrated Payments at the register using an Ingenico Lane 5000\7000 card swipe machine
  • Card On File tokenized processing for customers with terms and invoicing and epay links
  • Manual card processing inside Alpaca RMS for Card Not Present orders such as telesales
  • WooCommerce Card Connect plug-in payments
  • QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Online via Instant Accept for CardConnect

In order to process credit cards with CardConnect, you must establish an account with them first at:

Mention to the CardConnect rep (or in the notes) that this is for use in either Alpaca RMS or WooCommerce (or both) to process payments in order to get the correct product for processing.