BTCRetailX V2 is Out – But So Is The Name

Introducing Alpaca RMS – retail management system and point of sale.

BTCRetailX is now Alpaca RMS. A new look and a new name to go with version 2 of a really good retail management system and point of sale.

The new look of Alpaca RMS is simple and streamlined to make sales quickly. This thought for simplicity extends to the back-office with a more efficient menu to access to the tools you need to run a business effectively.

This redesign extends to our mobile app that works well in portrait and landscape mode to fit on mobile phones and tablets. No more scrolling. Each page loads to the next page seamlessly.

Why change the name?

BTCRetailX is a mouth full. It didn’t encompass that it is more than Bitcoin, and more than a point of sale, but a hardworking beast of a retail management system. And Alpacas are cute!

All the features that made BTCRetailX a popular system are in the new Alpaca RMS with a new design towards simplicity. But simple does not mean lacking in power.

Alpaca RMS is not a point of sale. It is a retail management system that also has point of sale functions. RMS features include integration with WooCommerce online shopping carts, integration with QuickBooks Online, features that manage your customer accounts with invoices, work orders, purchase orders, delivery, text messaging with order status to drivers and customers, internal customer ledger management, and so many payment methods it will make your head spin.

The new design features fast click-through to get what you need quickly. It also presents a system that is easy to look at for workers who are on it all day.

We have made over 700 improvements on BTCRetailX since it was put out as a beta product. It was time to take the step to launch this product with a look and brand to match the workload it will carry for your business.

We hope you enjoy the product. We believe you will.