Bitcoin, Blockchain, Lightning and DevOps

ALPACA is experienced with Bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency integration. Our developers and coders have the experience to integrate the technology into real-world applications. Several projects include Bitcoin Core, LND and various apps to integrate bitcoin/lightning payments into the real world including ALPACA RMS, a retail management system and point of sale that integrates credit cards and Bitcoin in one system. Do you have a use-case that you would like to discuss? Please reach out to us.

We can:

  • integrate Lightning Payments into web apps with LND and C-Lightning
  • setup and host Lightning Payments and BTCPay nodes for on-site use
  • install bitcoin core and LND or C-Lightning and manage channels and liquidity
  • integrate cryptocurrency payments into your WooCommerce shopping cart
  • provide consulting services for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects
  • program and roll-out Internet of Things (IOT) devices
  • capable of full-stack coding and DevOps installation and management including managed servers and storage, docker implementation, database design, and php web scripts.

Considerations For Taking Bitcoin and Altcoins as Payments:

  • This discussion will not cover routing nodes – we will not route payments for others – this is meant specifically as a mechanism to send/receive payments via your own node connected to peers on the Lightning Network. As such, any channels we setup will be private channels.
  • Where is Bitcoin Core running? This is a concern due to ongoing maintenance costs – it costs a lot more to host a full un-pruned Bitcoin Node, or you can run a pruned node (fine for most) to save fees.
  • Is the server on-site or will it be a remote VPS server? If on-site, this may be less expensive as you may own the hardware (a lease would have ongoing costs); if off-site, you would have monthly hosting fees (similar to a lease).
  • How will you prime the Lightning Network channels and how much? Priming the channel allows for receiving of payments. You have to spend in order to receive. This is a technical overview of that process. Priming is pretty straight-forward – once you establish a channel, you load your Lightning node with On-Chain BTC then (from an external wallet) generate a lightning invoice and pay it from the newly created channel. This creates your inbound capacity. However, you need to connect to a well-known (read: well-connected), stable, well-connected node and one that will provide the same liquidity on their end.
  • Need to keep your VPS server secure with updates and firewall hardening

Accept bitcoin, bitcoin via Lightning Network, and other cryptocurrencies.