Alpaca RMS v2 Features and Updates

August 18, 2023 – BTCRetailX is now Alpaca RMS (Retail Management System and Point of Sale).

We are excited to release version 2.0.  This is a complete redesign of the user interface for both the website browser view and the Android app. Two views are available as Landscape and Portrait modes. Phones default to portrait, PC web browsers default to landscape, and Tablets auto-switch based on orientation. These views will roll-out automatically over the next two weeks for PC users.  V2 is available now for Android users but you will need to download and install the new app (directions below).

Our youtube video will be updated soon but this is the product as BTCRetailX.

Landscape View:

Portrait View:
No more scrolling from the items buttons to the cart to the payment section. Now, it switches from section to section as needed. 

Updates List:

  • Blockchyp Card Processing
  • CardConnect Manual Card Processing
  • CardConnect Card on File Processing
  • Separate VOID and Refund Processes for Credit Cards
  • Enhanced Drawer Count EOD Report Updates
  • Enhanced Z-Out End of Day Report Updates
  • Alternating Shaded Lines in EOD and Z-Out Reports
  • Employee Login via Pin Number or Password
  • Added Timecard Only Role
  • Added Payments Detail Report
  • Added Coupons
  • Added Item Sales Detail Report
  • Enhanced Invoice and Work Order Functions
  • Added Price Levels Assigned by Customer
  • Enhanced Azteco Voucher View and TopUp
  • LOTS of minor fixes and updates

V2 will automatically update on all devices. If on an Android App, you may need to install the new app.