About Us

ALPACA is a software development company focused on fintech, point of sale, retail management systems, accounting, and Bitcoin. Based in Charleston, SC, we service our clients around the world (on site and remote) including the entire United States, Central America, Africa, South America, Europe and Australia. Formerly BTCRetailX, which was built initially for the Bitcoin community, AlpacaRMS is a business management system that is a traditional point of sale for B2C with massive cloud-based management and sales functions that B2B companies demand! ALPACA works great in retail (gift, shoes, clothing, school stores, hardgoods), quick serve restaurants, food trucks, farmers markets, clothing stores, light commercial, delivery, and more. ALPACA works great in B2B specifically those companies that provide retail and wholesale pricing and invoice their clients. Our software is hardware agnostic and can run native on Android 11+ or via any web browser (iOS is coming very soon). We stock hardware locally and can have technicians available by the next day if needed.

Our Mission

AlpacaRMS provides high-quality store management software that integrates many features that businesses require to run efficiently and profitably. AlpacaRMS supports the emerging markets in LATAM, South America, and Africa by providing 5% of our gross proceeds to provide free business management software to these emerging markets where they do not have the ability to pay 1st world prices for quality hardware and software. This will benefit micro small businesses in some of the poorest unbanked and underbanked countries in the world to help them run and manage their business to grow and prosper.

PO Box 721
Mount Pleasant, SC 29465